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It was a mess, pure horror. There was not much that could be done to change it and the frustration grew with every hour, which added to it. Darkness surrounded us and zoomed in on us. Literally. 

Eventually, a light broke through it all. A glint of hope, praise and great celebration followed. I know, I can be a bit dramatic, but the celebration was needed. Why? Because we came out of a power outage that lasted for five days. FIVE full days without electricity; just imagine it! Gives you the shudders just thinking of it. 

Without Power Things Get Complicated

Days of sitting in the dark at night. Days without a fan to cool you down in scorching heat (summer heat is certainly a real thing when it shows up in South Africa). Days without a proper meal because the stove did not work.

Everything needed a schedule. And with that, came a lot of when’s.

When to charge the appliances like the phone, computer or watch. When to do workouts, so I could see something and would not have to shower in total darkness. Most importantly, when to connect to the internet and do work that could not be done offline (which is a huge part of what I am doing in ministry on a daily basis).

Praise God for generators that make it possible to connect to some source of power, and keep you going somewhat.

Yet again, you had to think about how much power was available. And for how long. We could not just run the generator all day. We had to do it in stages – giving it a rest after a couple of hours of letting it run. 

You would think five days is not such a long time. But it feels like an eternity when things you are used to having, suddenly aren’t available anymore. 

To put it mildly, it was stressful. Especially, since we didn’t know when we would be back on again. After all, it took them a good while to locate the fault before they could even think of fixing it. We could have been going on ten days. I would have lost my mind. Just kidding. Am I really?

Power Poured Into Your Spirit 

Now, I am not just sharing this because I made it through alive and we are back to normal. As exciting as that is, there is a spiritual lesson to be learned from this. That’s what this blog is about.  

You see, power is something that God has placed upon you as a believer. It’s being poured into you through His Spirit. It’s a power that is available to you at all times. Unlimited, raw and well… powerful! 

A force that you can tap and use whenever you want, need, or desire. 

A power that you should be walking in, without any hindrance or real effort on your part. Simply, because He made it available to you. 

But often this isn’t your experience, is it? 

Instead of seeing His power or feeling powerful, you feel restricted and weak. You struggle with fears, anxieties, insecurities and other problems in your life. You desire to walk in His power, but you don’t quite see it flow the way He has promised it to you. 

Why is that? 

There are two reasons for this. 

Reason #1:  There is a fault in your connection

Something is disconnecting you from that source of real power. And therefore, you are experiencing a lack of power surging through you and your life.  

Reason #2: Someone is blocking and stealing the power

At times, you feel powerless because you allow it to be taken from you. Someone interferes with the lines, steps on them and blocks the power from reaching you. As a result, it’s being redirected, away from you.

Regardless of which situation applies, the truth is that the power is available, ready and willing to reach you. But for one of these two reasons it is prevented from getting through. 

Let’s look at these a bit more closely to help us identify them. After all, we want to get rid of them, right?

A Fault in the Connection

What is going to disconnect us from God’s available source and endless power? I want to look at two culprits here. They are fear and unbelief.


Fear is one of Satan’s biggest weapons. It has the power to paralyze you and stop you in your tracks. A spirit of fear comes in different forms, such as;

  • Being afraid of what people think of you; ie. insecurities and fear of rejection 
  • Being afraid of sickness or disease, and the attacks of the enemy
  • Being afraid of what the future holds, which goes into worry and anxiety 

In each form, it leads to limitations and bondages of some sort.

Fear holds you back from entering into everything that the Lord has in store for you. It counteracts the force of faith and robs you of what should rightfully be yours.

Get rid of fear and you will plug into the power of God that is available to you through the Holy Spirit. It is a power that will lead to manifesting the supernatural, the miracles and the blessings of God in your life!


The writer of the letter to the Hebrews makes us aware of just how powerful the Word of God is. It says the following in chapter 4, verse 12: 

For the word of God [is] living, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing right up to the division between soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Yet, no matter how much power the Scriptures contain, if you don’t believe and embrace the words that are written in the Bible, you will never experience their power. If you don’t open your heart to fully receive what God is saying, that power ends in a shortage. 

A trickle may come through here and there, but that’s it. You are not stepping into the river of anointing and power that you could walk in. Your unbelief restricts the Lord, His power and how much you will move in it for Him. 

Gifts of Spirit for Today?

A good example of this is the ongoing debate on the Gifts of the Spirit. Many reject and argue about spiritual gifts. They wonder if they are still available to the church in this day and age. God’s Word states clearly that these gifts are available to us as His children. But unbelief restricts people from experiencing the Holy Spirit and moving in His power. 

They know about Him. They know that He is power. But they don’t know Him. They are disconnected from the source and walk around unplugged. And their lives, unfortunately, show it. 

Believing What He Said

On a personal level, God may have spoken to you and revealed what He would like to do through you. But you find it hard to believe or struggle to accept what He said. Couple that with fear and you can be certain that you are not walking in your full purpose.

You have to believe it in faith, and step into it in faith, to access its power and fullness. 


There is a third negative force that we can add. Yes, I am talking about having doubts. Doubts differ from fear and unbelief. To what degree, you may ask? 

Well, if you have doubts you have some level of faith and belief as well. Or had, I should say. Usually, you started in faith but then doubts began to set in. You believed what the Lord said, but the enemy came and whispered lies into your ears. He sowed doubts on your path, and now you are questioning the truth. 

This is like the person that has interfered and stepped on the power line, hence causing a blockage in the way. I know this doesn’t work that way in the natural sense, but it does in the spiritual. You might experience some levels of power, but not nearly as much as could or should be available to you.

The Enemy’s Tactics

Satan is more than willing to step on the line and cause you to question what God has said. He wants to hinder you from tapping the fullness or getting your hands on what is rightfully yours. 

He will always try to hamper what the Lord has promised. If he cannot paralyze you through fear or blindfold you through unbelief, he will at least try to sow seeds of doubts. He has done this since day one in the Garden of Eden. He twisted the words when he came to Eve. He made her doubt and question what God had said. 

When doubts set in you begin to waver in your faith. And if you allow it to, in following through with your commitment and purpose. You slowly begin to feel powerless and wonder if God really said so, and where He is in this process. Distraction begins to take over and you lose the focus you once had. 

Resist and Counteract

Resist doubts and fear. Call it out for what it is and counter unbelief with the Word of God, until it becomes a Rhema word. Keep yourself connected to the source. Become aware, the moment you feel limited or restricted in any way whatsoever. 

If you aren’t sure about something or feel too weak to overcome, ask the Holy Spirit for His help and His wisdom. He is more than willing to remind you of the truth and to reveal it to you. 

Tell the enemy to get lost when he attacks you and your mind. Don’t sit idly by the wayside, but take action immediately against his lies and tactics. The longer you allow them to sit and confuse you, the greater the battle within becomes.  

God has not given you a spirit of fear and timidity. But He has given you a spirit of power, love and of self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7) 

Take your ground and then stand on it. Defend it with God’s Word and continuously proclaim what He has said to you. Then you will see God’s power and anointing flow in everything, in every way, and at all times. 

This is the power that is available to you, and belongs to you, Child of God! Walk in it and you’ll see the darkness succumb to the light you carry. 


  1. Apostle Nadine, thanks for this post. I realize that doubts have been my issue. This was a way to pinpoint it and a great reminder of how I can overcome it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank You for sharing Nadine. I can identify with this. The enemy is crafty before you realize you find that you are so distracted from praying and reading and doing the word. We need to be vigilant as the bible says 🙏🙏

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