The Prophetic Key – Free Download Links

As mentioned in one of my Facebook groups, I see it fit at this given time and feel led by the Holy Spirit to make this teaching freely available to the Body of Christ. While this is taken from one of our Prophetic Office courses (the whole course available at GBM Courses) and covers the use and purpose of the Prophetic Key, it’s important to know that every single believer

God’s Word for 2021

A Prophetic Word for the Body of Christ A couple of days ago the Lord woke me in the middle of the night and I began to feel a deep stirring in my Spirit about the New Year that stands before us. I couldn’t go back to sleep thereafter. I knew the Holy Spirit was calling me away from everything, to spend time in His Presence and prepare my heart

Can You Hear My Battle Cry?

If you listen closely, you can hear the cry of so many of God’s people, and even of whole Churches, out there. You can see how the enemy has cornered them, and how they are uncertain of their future. People that don’t know how they are going to survive the storm that the enemy has brought. Businesses, jobs, families and other relationships that are under severe attack through this world-wide