Nadine Stohler Ministries

Called, set apart, anointed and sent by the Lord Jesus. With a desire to see the End Times Church, the Fivefold Leaders, and each member of the Body of Christ rise up and take their place, the Father has placed a powerful training and teaching mantle on her shoulders.

While laying a foundation for the next Generation to build upon, her mandate includes instructing, equipping, parenting and discipling those that the Lord leads across her path.

As a trainer of trainers, Nadine is pouring much of her time into raising up especially the apostles and prophets through her Mentorship Programs. The Lord also has begun to open doors internationally for her to reach into the Universal Church, to find His hidden warriors and lead them into their Promised Land.

she is An

Apostle Servant Leader

Chosen by God to advance His Kingdom in this earth.

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