God’s Word for 2021

Position Yourself for Power, Authority and Unity

A Prophetic Word for the Body of Christ

A couple of days ago the Lord woke me in the middle of the night and I began to feel a deep stirring in my Spirit about the New Year that stands before us. I couldn’t go back to sleep thereafter. I knew the Holy Spirit was calling me away from everything, to spend time in His Presence and prepare my heart for Him to speak to His people, His beloved Bride.

Below I present to you the Word for 2021, that came from this time and that He entrusted me with.

A Year of Power, Authority and Unity

With the onset of the pandemic and all the strife and hatred going on in the world all around, this last year has not been easy on anyone.

The lives we had up until then, the freedom we enjoyed, none of it quite exist in the same way as we had it before. I know for many this has been hugely frustrating and difficult to handle, and my heart reaches out to you.

Yet, if you are to look back you will see that the Lord has been ever so faithful and good throughout it all! Furthermore, He hasn’t changed nor did He forsake His people. Instead, His plan never faded regardless of the storm that’s been raging around us.

(On a personal note, this has been one of the best and busiest years in ministry for me so far; I witnessed God’s hand move in many miraculous ways. Even in a time of isolation and restriction I have seen new doors opening. And from what He spoke to me in secret it’s only going to get busier – so I am looking forward with excitement in my heart. I am not saying this to boast in any way, but to encourage you to look for the good He has done for you – no matter the opposition or challenges that have come against you as well!)

Get Ready to Position Yourself

I pray that the Prophetic Word below will lead to fresh hope within your heart, produce new faith and get you to flow out in love more than ever in the year that lies ahead.

2021 is going to be a year of power, of God’s Glory and seeing each member taking their position. If you are a leader in God’s Kingdom you have a part to play to bring this about – this is WHY you have been called in the first place. God is counting on you, and only TOGETHER will we see the greatest Awakening take place that this world has ever witnessed.

Let’s join hands and run the race together.

Love and Blessings,
Nadine Stohler

Apostle and Trainer of the Fivefold
Principal of GBM Academy

Servant of Jesus

Position Yourself for Power, Authority and Unity

“In this last year, the enemy has come to seek to destroy my Body. He has come like a thief in the night, trying to destroy and demolish all that I have built and prepared for her” says the Lord. 

“However, little did he know that what he demolished had not been built by Me or by My hand. Little did he realize that what he tried to destroy will never hinder My true Church from rising up. In fact, rather than destroying my Church and scattering My people far away from Me and My Presence, he has lined up for Me a field that I will use and toil. A field that will yield and bring forth much fruit, and cause the nations of this world to look towards me once again. 

For my children, I am still the Alpha and the Omega. I am the I AM and I have not changed” says the Lord. “I am the beginning and the end, and nothing that took place over the extent of this year, and that is happening even now, has come as a surprise to me.

On the contrary, my plans have stayed in secret for such a time as this and now they will begin to take on form and be revealed in stages to my Church. 

A long time ago I started to lay a fresh foundation in secret. My Prophets and my Apostles have been declaring it and feeding on these plans. And I have prepared and gathered those that stayed hidden from view, and that walked through many deserts before their time would come to be revealed.

Take Your Place – Lift Your Voice

Do not fear my Bride, for your time isn’t over yet on this earth. Do not fret and do not lift your hands in overwhelming or crippling fear, for the greater Glory is just about to be revealed. Instead, lift your hands and your voice towards my holy mountain from where my salvation will come from, from where my Glory will descend and fill the earth. 

Position yourself, and know that I depend on each one of you to fulfill my plan in this earth.

There isn’t one that is called greater than the other, but each that is called by Me carries within themselves the measure of anointing, the faith and the grace to accomplish that which I have tasked them to do. Now is not the time to shy away from pushing on through or giving up in hope or fear. 

Now is the time to stand and to shine my light more confidently and strongly than ever before. 

While darkness rages and controls the earth and heart of many, it is your time to stand, to shine and to be the salt in the earth that I have called you to be. There is not one specific group that I am calling, but I am calling to each and every one of my children to shine the light right there where you are. 

For I have promised to give you the authority and the power to overcome the enemy, and to lead those around you into My truth and the life I have promised to each of My children.

Many walls have fallen, even the walls of My Church have crumbled on itself. And many in My Body have seen this as the work of the enemy instead of seeing that this has been My plan for so long. For I am not lifting up one church above the other, but I am extending My work into all the corners of the world. 

Many countries have begun to suffer through the happenings in the world, and yet I have had My hand upon them and I have spoken in secret through My Prophets that have made themselves available to Me, to decree My word and prepare the way for Me. 

In Authority and My Power

It is time that My people learn to stand in their given authority, as well as in a greater measure of My power – more than it has ever been seen than before!

For I have promised and spoken through many lips that I will indeed raise a glorious bride that will stand before Me without any wrinkles and spots. I will raise My Body from the ashes that it finds itself in, and cause it to stand triumphantly above anything else in this world. 

For the light has risen upon you, and the Glory of the Lord shines upon you, Child of God. 

But many have forgotten the true identity of My Body and My Church. Over years, many have looked to selected leaders or groups, instead of recognising it is each and every one of My children that make up My glorious Church. 

So I have taken down the walls, and I have brought down the high and the mighty. I have revealed the heart of many in this last while that have been doing things against My will and against My plan for My Church. 

And I have prepared leaders in the background that have been faithful to My word, and have been willing to stay hidden and small. It is time now to overwhelm the enemy with My plan and to get him fearing every single one of My children – for this is the identity that I have given to each, in My Son’s Name. 

For the enemy thought he had won the battle and he had conquered My church and My children. He thought by destroying the structures and what was obvious to be seen, he would destroy the faith of My children and scatter them into all the corners of the world.

He thought he would silence them and cause them to be defeated. But all he did was set them up for Me to work through them and to arise them from their places, for the arising of the greatest move to be ever witnessed by everyone. 

A Hidden Church Will Arise In Greater Glory and Power

All of this had been included in My plan. And while a shaking indeed has been taking place, I have NEVER failed My word nor My people,” says the Lord. 

“I have always had a greater plan in mind and so I waited patiently for him to shoot his shots. But now it’s time for My mighty army to arise and to lead the way. 

It’s time for them to take their bow and arrows and to ignite these with fresh fire and to shoot them from wherever they are; to cause a fire that cannot be tamed or controlled by anyone but Me. It’s time to raise your voice and speak more loudly than ever before and stand strong in your faith and commitment towards Me. 

For I will back up your faith with signs and wonders, I will ignite the hearts of men as it has never been seen before. And My light will arise from many corners of the world all at once, causing the enemy to run from here to there but never being able to extinguish the flames of Glory that are about to arise and shine all over the world. 

This will not happen simply by using my authority, neither will it happen simply by moving in my power. But it will take place by combining these two forces, and in obedience boldly stepping out where I lead. With one hand to swing My sword and take the land that he tried to steal from you, and with the other to move in My power to set the captives free. 

Many in My body have become faint-hearted, and wondered what is going to happen. They stepped back in disbelief, discouraged and overwhelmed. Many have given up on the hope that I had placed within them. And I do not condemn them for it, for they have been too weak and unsheltered for too long.

I will sweep over them again with My Spirit, and breathe new air into their lungs. No matter how small your fire is, I will reignite the flame and pour out of My Spirit. And as My Spirit comes and hovers over you, you will find a new surge going through you and a new strength arise from within. The shackles of the enemy will be taken from your eyes and your vision will be restored towards My plans for you and the hope of your future that I have promised to you. 

The Call to Unity

What I have spoken will not be something that can be accomplished by one person, one group, one denomination or even one nation alone. But it’s going to happen when My people begin to come together in My unity and fight with each other, instead of against each other. It will be accomplished when My love rules afresh, and outweighs the selfish agendas and plans of human hearts.

When the walls begin to fall My love will begin to increase. And when the judgement and strife begin to cease between members of My body, My Glory will increase and overcome the darkness. It will shine forth in a greater way than ever. As the early Church was known for their love for each other and their willingness to lay down their own lives for each other, so will I work in My leaders first and the rest of the Body will follow and fall in line. 

So I am reaching out to My fivefold leaders, for this is the purpose you have been called with. Lead My people in love, lead My people to maturity. Each in your own realm and in the way I am showing you. Fill my people will hope and demonstrate true faith that overflows into each of the lives of these little ones. 

I have given you as a gift to My Church, to My Body. To equip, to instruct, to mature every single one of them; for the work of the ministry, for the building up of the Body – in the knowledge of Me and in the divine strength of My power and Glory! 

This is your task and this is what I expect you to do. No longer do I want to see My leaders fighting and bickering for position or status and independently trying to accomplish things, with self-exaltation in mind. But rather do I look for My leaders to unite in focus and in humility to work together, being accounted for and taking every single opportunity to lead others into their promised land. 

If you do this, My power will increase in My people and in My Church. Their hearts will be turned towards Me afresh. They will know Me and know My voice and they will stand steadfast for Me, becoming a safe haven and influencing those around them for My sake and in My name. 

And My Church will arise in its true form – shining with immense Glory that cannot be hidden any longer. And many, many will come to the rising of it and find Me and My salvation in the midst of it” says the Lord. 


  1. Amen, this is confirmation. Today I had the nudging from the Lord and when I went before the Lord he said position yourself, get ready to speak into the earth and that which you will speak will go forth with my power. I am excited.

  2. Thank you Apostle Nadine,

    This word its like a confirmation to me. I was always desiring and praying in my ministering to move and walk in His Glory and Power.

    I am happy that it is something the Lord has prepared and it’s something in store for us as His mouth piece on earth. The word had just steered up this desire in my heart.

    I pray that this word will become reality and fruitful in my life. Let it be in my life oh Lord as you have spoken it!!! Amen

    I am ready and willing to be used, and to be a blessing to His church.

    Once again thank you Apostle Nadine, keep up the good work, may the Lord continue to use you, you are a blessing to us.

  3. There is so much confirmation in this prophetic word. I believe and receive every bit of it.. This is truly straight from the throne room of heaven. The heart of our Abba Father is all in it. Glory to God! Thank you Apostle Nadine this is a very powerful prophetic word for the body of Christ. God is good! God bless you sister. ❤️🔑🙌🏻

  4. Firstly, would like to thank Apostle Nadine for the message and the Word for 2021. As I read this message, I am moved, compelled, dull sense awakened to role clarity and expectations from the Lord.

    I am counted as a leader, called to return to my first love, to lead His people with and in love. Though the situation currently seemed blurry, church universal felt uncertain about direction in the midst of pandemic, it is so encouraging to see what the enemy created backfired for the good. The Lord is counting on me to position myself to walk in power even as I receive His anointing for the work ahead.

    May God bless and keep you. May His anointing keep flowing without measure upon you for fresh revelations.

  5. I love this word; I love that we need each other; I love that He will do it by His Spirit; I love that we will finally be known as His by our love for one another; I love that it will be His glory and His glory alone. I just love this overcoming word!
    Thank You Nadine.

  6. We bless the Lord for His servant, Apostle Nadine Stohler. This Word is so encouraging and may the Lord help us to be doers as its His will. We thank Him for the Love upon the church. Glory to Jesus

  7. Hallelujah!!! Praise the LORD for this powerful word!!! Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience.

  8. This prophetic word for 2021 is so promising. It’s actually so much to take in that I had to read it twice. I’m sure I’ll go back and read it again. Thank you Lord for all you have done and all you are going to do. It’s so exciting to know that we will unite as the body of Christ from all over the earth. No bickering over positions but just harmony and love. Oh how I look forward to it. No one putting one another down but we all building each other up in love. We teaching from the heart of God and He and His salvation is made known through us all, together, United. I’m ready to take a stand. Thank you for speaking the heart of God, Apostle Nadine.

  9. Thanks Apostle Nadine for sharing this message from the LORD. It’s so relevant, and provides perfect direction on how to start preparing for the days ahead.

    The LORD Has spoken through you, but what matters is the action I need to take.
    Thanks Apostle Nadine, we are a team that the LORD is to use to accomplish HIS plans and purposes in the Earth in these last days.

  10. Great word from the Lord. It’s inspiering and timely. I look forword for it’s fulfilment in the body of Christ

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