Global Prayer Wall – World Map

The Global Prayer Wall

The global Prayer Wall was set in place in March 2020. It’s our focus to pray, decree, birth and intercede on behalf of the Church and Body of Christ during this pandemic and the worldwide struggle with COVID-19.

Everyone takes to it for 1 hour a day, and prays as the Lord leads and according to what He shows. It’s structured at two levels: the Prophetic Ministry level (that every believer can enter into) and the Prophetic Office level (those called and set apart by the Lord Himself). We have warriors taking to the wall around the clock, from 24 different countries!

At this stage we have over 137 people praying prophetically and binding and loosing what God is showing them.

24 Different Countries

  1. America (30)
  2. South Africa (56)
  3. Lesotho (1)
  4. Botswana (14)
  5. Nigeria (7)
  6. Philippines (2)
  7. Liberia (2)
  8. Jamaica (1)
  9. Korea (1)
  10. Malawi (1)
  11. Djibouti (1)
  12. Suriname – South America (1)
  13. Romania (1)
  14. Bulgaria (2)
  15. Switzerland (2)
  16. Zambia (1)
  17. Uganda (1)
  18. India (2)
  19. Papua New Guinea (2)
  20. Cameroon (1)
  21. Zimbabwe (1)
  22. Netherlands (1)
  23. Belize (2)
  24. Kenya (4)


30 Prayer Warriors

  • Alta Freeman (Illinois) 
  • Amanda Love (Virginia)
  • Andrea Smith (New York)
  • Angel Pangan (Washington)
  • Anna Scott (Virginia)
  • Davida Carr-Flenaugh (California)
  • Demetria Carlton (Texas)
  • Don Holliday (South Carolina)
  • Donna Smith (Georgia)
  • Elijah Beacham (Alabama)
  • Janice Gavin (Illinois)
  • Janice Holmes-Reynolds (Ohio)
  • Joe Keys (Virginia) 
  • Laeticia Anene (Texas)
  • Larry Perry (Indiana)
  • Lila Jones (New York)
  • Lilian Smith (North Carolina)
  • Linda Mc Saw (Oklahoma)
  • Lotie Caldwell (Texas)
  • Marilynn Pritchett (Indiana)
  • Mark Stalnaker (Florida)
  • Nicole Springs (Tennessee)
  • Pat E. McDonald (Colorado)
  • Rebecca Lee (Tennessee)
  • Shanterica Robinson (Georgia)
  • Sharon Patton (Georgia)
  • Veronica Young (Alabama)
  • William Boone (Virginia)
  • Yolanda Richardson (Florida)
  • Zeven Love (Virginia)

South Africa: 

53 Prayer Warriors

  • Alina Saasa (Joh’burg)
  • Adele Swart (Joh’burg)
  • Andru Winston (Durban)
  • Anna-Lena Haenni (Joh’burg)
  • Bennett Netshilungwi (Joh’burg)
  • Beverly Van Rensburg (Joh’burg)
  • Boitumelo Matima (Joh’burg)
  • Buhle Ramalepa (Joh’burg)
  • Catarinah Maybenne (Joh’burg)
  • Dinah Mokhoadi (Joh’burg)
  • Dineo Mohau (Joh’burg)
  • Elijah Manana (Joh’burg)
  • Elizabeth Maseti (Joh’burg)
  • Eva Tsenasi (Joh’burg)
  • Evans Boadu (Joh’burg)
  • Gertruida Robertson (Cape Town)
  • Gohentsemang Tsimane (Joh’burg)
  • Gregory Bell (Joh’burg)
  • Jes Anthony (Durban)
  • John Manne (Port Elizabeth)
  • Joseph Mashiane (Joh’burg)
  • Karing Van Tonder (Joh’burg)
  • Kgomotso Mogotsi (Joh’burg)
  • Kholie Nkumane (Joh’burg)
  • Khulekani Majola (Joh’burg)
  • Khutso Maybenne (Joh’burg)
  • Mandisa Monametsi (Joh’burg)
  • Martha Chauke (Joh’burg)
  • Mash Modise (Joh’burg)
  • Mavis Matima (Joh’burg)
  • Melinie Goliath (Joh’burg)
  • Mercy Kapoko (Joh’burg)
  • Mmipe Modise (Joh’burg)
  • Nadine Stohler (Joh’burg)
  • Nakedi Netshilungwi (Joh’burg)
  • Ndabezinhle Vumani (Joh’burg)
  • Nthabiseng Koatsa (Joh’burg)
  • Obert Alfanet (Joh’burg)
  • Paul Molefe (Joh’burg)
  • Perry Mashilela (Joh’burg)
  • Precious Manakedi (Joh’burg)
  • Ruth Springbok (Joh’burg)
  • Sandra Witbooi (Joh’burg)
  • Shai Dayi (Joh’burg)
  • Shelley Mc Ferrier (Durban) 
  • Shelly Mzangwa (Joh’burg)
  • Tanya Ritzu (Joh’burg)
  • Thabo Mokate (Joh’burg)
  • Tumi Modise (Joh’burg)
  • Wickus Swart (Joh’burg)
  • Yulanda Havnar (Joh’burg)
  • Shaun Havnar (Joh’burg)
  • Zodwa Msimang (Durban)


1 Prayer Warrior

  • Mpono Mosaase


14 Prayer Warriors

  • Boago Mohurutshane 
  • Jade Mogwasi
  • Kebaabetswe Ntu
  • Kebatho Bokhutlo
  • Keitumetse Keotswele
  • Lesedi Mosimane 
  • Magdeline Moupo
  • Victor Ngwenya
  • Moagi Matlhaba
  • Moses Gaepalelwe
  • Ricks Morake
  • Robert Phiase
  • Tshepang Gaseumakwe
  • Vernon Raseokamo


7 Prayer Warriors

  • Oyenze Chukwukadibia
  • Alu Lucky
  • Godfrey Onwuegbuche
  • Isabella Dietespiff
  • Thomas Diji
  • Tomilola Ikumapayi
  • Oyinloye Segun


2 Prayer Warrior:

  • Debbie Ann Desamito
  • Andrew Paul Yap


2 Prayer Warriors

  • Mai and Edwin


1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Marcia Gallimore


1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Matthew Oakley


1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Mika Saka


1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Yasmine Ahmed

Suriname – South America: 

1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Remie Oosterwolde


1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Paula Vasilca


2 Prayer Warriors:

  • Nikolai Kolev
  • Sergej Mihanoshin


2 Prayer Warriors:

  • Nelly Schuepbach
  • Sonja Haenni


1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Peter Kabwe


1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Sekibenga Ivan Innocent


2 Prayer Warriors:

  • Stanley Benjamin
  • Victor Richard D’souza

Papua New Guinea: 

1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Clare Bui Ebhart


1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Dorothy Njafuh


2 Prayer Warriors:

  • Best Ruzema
  • Collin Shumba


1 Prayer Warrior:

  • Eunice Anita-Offerman


2 Prayer Warriors:

  • Jose Ruiz
  • Vincent Coleman


4 Prayer Warriors:

  • Joseph Makau
  • Matthew Onguru
  • Pat Wambui
  • Salome Waruingi


  1. Wow.This s a beauty in a time like this in the world.The church definately needs this and the world at large.All in all God’s Will is enforced and being done through the church. We praise God for you Apostle Nadine C. Stohler.

  2. Thanks for your efforts in this regard and May the glory be to Yahweh for is a good undertaking considering the time we are in,and let’s pray for God’s will to take place as in Matt 6:9,10 and the body of Christ to take it’s rightfull place as we wait for our master Jesus arrival.shalom

  3. Woow!!! how wonderful is our God,he is a true God a promise keeper,his promises never fails indeed God is with us.

  4. We thank God for these prayer warriors and their countries.
    ITs so interesting to see what God is doing all of the world.

    Thank you so much Apostle Nadine for giving us this analysis,

    1. God is in control, we thank Him for the of faith, oneness of spirit, one accord and singleness of mind. We are taking the world for the Lord. The earth and the fullness belongs to the Lord and they that dwelleth in it. Thank you Apostle Nadine…

      1. I come: In the name of the resurrected Jesus, whose I am and whom I serve, “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, things in heaven, and the things in the earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that JESUS CHRIST is Master.”  (Philippians 2:10)

        We take control: Over the airways, cosmos, galaxies, constellations, systems, realms, regions, domains, spheres, stratospheres, hemispheres, and atmospheres

        I declare: That a prayer shield, the anointing and bloodline form my hedge of protection, be the wall of fire around me and the glory cloud in the midst of me, which hides me from familiar spirits, prying eyes and wagging tongues and all other demonic personalities, making it difficult if not impossible for them to effectively trace or track me in the realm of the spirit or in the physical. There shall be no perforations or penetrations. 

        I release: our names on The PRAYER WALL into the atmosphere and declare that prayer warriors, intercessors and prophetic watchmen are picking us up in the realm of the spirit using heaven’s APS (GOD’S PROTECTION OF SAFETY). I speak that they will not cease or come down from their watchtowers until their assignment have been completed.

        His Limitless BLESSING
        Thank you Apostle Nadine

  5. The Lord is Faithful, what a powerful in one accord, praying being available for the Lord’s use upon His Body the Bride, the walls have been rebuild. We are continuing to Stand-To.

  6. Awesome work, let’s continue the work as there is still much ground to cover. Much Blessings

  7. Lord Jesus Christ.

    Lord Jesus Christ bless us today
    In life and be with us and keep us
    Safe from evil every day
    And Lord give us strength to
    Pray for the sick and suffering
    Every night and we’ll light a candle for the sick
    And suffering tonight and the Lord Jesus Christ will hear our prayers tonight Amen Lord Jesus Christ.

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