God’s Word for 2022

Word for 2022 – A Prophetic Word for the Body of Christ 

As a hot air balloon is stripped of its weights for it to rise high into the sky and be seen by many as it travels to its destination, so have I removed the weights that have been weighing down my Church and Body. 

As the enemy tried to destroy and cause havoc to break out everywhere around the world, I have begun to remove some things from My Church. Hindrances that kept My Church from growing into the giant that she is meant to be.

Remolded and Refocused the Church – The Ways of Men

I have cut off the dead weight that stood in the way of my body’s true expansion. For too much weight was being placed on unimportant things, and too little was spent on truly equipping, and expanding the vision, that I had set before my people.

For my vision is greater than the vision of man. My ways and thoughts are beyond those of men. My hand was limited for so many years, and my people were kept in darkness and narrow spaces for far too long. 

Over the last two years, I have brought change to the face of my Church. I have begun to bring things in order and into the light. I worked in the hearts of those that were willing to listen. Of those that weren’t afraid to push the reset button on their tracks. And I broke down the walls of those that wanted to keep holding on to the traditions and confinement that had been set before them. 

I reached beyond religion and organizations. I began to carve out new ways for my people to do things in. 

And in the coming year, you will see an emerging taking place of those new ways that I have revealed through my spokesmen long ago. You will see the armies of soldiers rising and being built. Armies of my people that were trained and transformed in secret. Armies that were changed and equipped, away from the public eye. 

The tides have changed and I have done away with the focus that had been laid on only certain key players. Yes, there will be those that will lead on and stand at the forefront. But they will no longer be more prominent or stand out from the rest of my people. Neither do they have the need or desire to!

They have waited and worked in secret. They have been trained and prepared in the wilderness and they stood ready waiting for my sign to go forth. 

As they heard my call, they went forth like a thief in the night, to infiltrate the fields. Yet, they didn’t come to steal. Rather, to bring life and show believers how to live the life that I have promised in abundance. 

These are my apostles and prophets, my teachers that carry my anointing and my heart in their chest. They longed for this moment and waited patiently for their time to arise out of their hiding places. 

They are going forth and are ready to impart all that I have given to them and taught them. They are willing to help My people find their places and arise in My power.

For this is the kind of Church I desire for others to see; a Church that walks in My Glory, in unity and leaves behind a trail of power and fire.

Old Ways Done Away With

I will remove the blindfolds that have hindered my people from seeing my plans. Many have begun to wonder and even fear. But my plans will always prevail and I will always be a step ahead, no matter what the circumstances reveal and display. 

The old has been done away with and I have created new plans. Plans that will begin to manifest and come into clear focus, in the time that lies ahead. 

There will be new ways of outreach and evangelizing. New ways of meeting and fellowshipping. New ways of worshipping – beyond limits, beyond borders. Done in My truth and Spirit.

No longer will it just be about sending people out to unknown places or trying to reach big masses. But rather it will be about spreading the word again by mouth to mouth, taking place on a daily occurrence. It will be about helping people to step immediately into the purpose that I have set for them. A greater impartation and impact will take place as true discipleship will come to the forefront once again. Healing, miracles, signs, and wonders will be part of this move. Not just going forth from the leading agencies, but taking place in schools, in the marketplaces, on the streets… day and night, daily at the hands of My children.

Restoring My Values 

While I looked to restore families and relationships during this time of the pandemic, it was for this very reason. So that my people are ready to pour out, to lead by example, and to stand in unity. Unstoppable and un-destroyable by the enemy.

For too much disunity existed in my Body and in family settings in general. Wrong, twisted ideas and values, led the way and painted the wrong picture of what it’s supposed to be like. Too many were preoccupied with building their own kingdoms instead of Mine. 

Old ways of doing things stood in the way of the new that I wanted to bring and accomplish. And so I worked on outdated mindsets and removed the old ways of how it had been done.

Back to Simplicity and the Fullness of My Gospel

Yet, I also brought many back to the simplicity of Me and of preaching the full message of My Gospel. Of preaching Jesus and Him being glorified. 

I removed the wrong focus and filled the hearts with the message that always will be the core of the Gospel. That in My Name they will have salvation, and that I came to lead them to a life of abundance in every aspect of their lives! 

You will see new ways of reaching the lost come to the forefront. New ways of reaping the harvest. So don’t rely on old tactics alone and know that every single one of my children shall be involved in this. 

If this becomes the sole focus of my leaders: to equip each and every one of my followers; to show them how to move in my power and hear my voice, I will take them far and wide.

My Glory and power will increase and reach the end of the earth as each begins to take their place. As each begins to use what I have placed in them. My Spirit lives in them and He speaks to every single one. 

As I declared and said in My Word, My sheep hear My voice. 

So help them understand My ways, and help them understand what I have created them for. Then equip them with the tools that are needed and show them how to fight the good fight. How to leave an impact behind in their surroundings. And how to stand in the fullness of My Identity that I have given to them.

I have a task to fulfill for each one. And with it, I have given them all that they need, to make My Name known in the earth.

Expansion of Business Anointing and Anointing for the Arts For the Kingdom

With the new ways, I will also lead to the forefront those that have committed and dedicated themselves to me in the realm of the arts and business.

They have been looked down upon and felt like they had to compete with the world to be recognized. But I have begun to pour out a new anointing upon them – individually and over whole groups. And they have begun to take their places and arise little by little. You will see a greater influx of movies, music, and art, in general, come forth that bring Glory to My Name and carry the message of my salvation beneath their wing.

The business world will see My people arise and speak with great wisdom. It will see a display of My anointing and My wealth. Once again, it won’t be led by those that seek to make a name for themselves or horde the wealth of this world for themselves. But you will see them reach into every niche and creed, helping the normal believer to rise up and begin to walk in the fullness of My blessing and what’s available to them through Me.

Continued Increase of Power

I have promised a long time ago that a new wave of My external anointing and power will wash over My Church. A power that will make her stand as the city on the hill that she is called to be.

I will continue to move on people – husbands and wives, families, teams in general – and continue to take them out of their wilderness to set them in a public place; to declare to others the mighty works that I have done within them. To pass on, through teaching and instructing others, what I have revealed to them. 

This will take place so quickly that the enemy cannot stop any of it. It will take place all over the world, through normal people and normal folks. They will carry within them the seed that I have planted and they will not hold back or stop until that seed has germinated in others and people know how to produce fruit in Me. 

For I have not called My Body and Church to stand fruitless any longer. Rather, I have sent a longing in the hearts of My people for much fruit and for lasting fruit to be gained and displayed. 

The walls have been broken down for this to take place. No longer will you find Me confined to a place, but you will see Me moving in daily activities and daily occurrences. Daily situations that will lead many to Me and into My Presence.

My healing will flow and go forth, and my light will shine in every place. 

Whenever someone is in need, they will know that they don’t have to go far to find someone that speaks My word, moves in the anointing, and knows how to move in My miraculous power.

A Year of Promise and Focus 

My Body will flourish and My people will declare my goodness to everyone. 

Arise then, My child, and know that you have a part to fulfill and play in bringing this about. Arise and dust off the ashes that the enemy tried to heap on you. 

This next year will be a glorious year for you. It will be a year of much activity and reaching new heights.

Be prepared to give your all and focus on what I am calling you to do. Take every opportunity that I lead you to, to speak, to love, to guide, to shine forth, and be used in practical ways by Me. 

Set your eyes ahead and don’t let go of the goal I place within your heart. With expectation and readiness, embrace the task and focus on carrying out willingly that which I place before you. 

Before long, you will see My Spirit take you to greater destinations. 

For this is where My Church is heading. It WILL be known and seen in the year that’s ahead that I am King and that I am reigning in and through My people!

Amen and amen, says the Lord. 


    1. AMEN and Amen
      This is the mind of the Lord poured out indeed because the year 2022 He says it is “my year of power”. God is set to do many things and His people will flourish in Dominion. Hallelujah. May his name alone be praised.

      Indeed He has sewn many seeds in the great of many that will surely germinate as we witness to other this new year. Amen

  1. Amen And Amen, I am ready to take on the full amor and lead from the front ,the old cament has been torn away.

    As we continue to pray and seek God’s guidance on the journey ahead , only in July I took on my Apostolic calling of which I was told about in 2017 , since then I was only a church member but now through the daily prophecy from Apostle Les and his family I got the strength to take up my call to preach God’s word to a group of around 35 church member in an informal settlement in Pretoria every Sunday and we lay hands for healing and deliverance.

    Glory be to God.

  2. Wow, what a word by the mouth of his Apostle and Prophet and a total confirmation of what the Lord has been showing me in the past months and weeks, that he is bringing something new in his church, glory to God, May the Lord help us receive this word and make it possible for us to walk in his plans and purposes in the year that lies ahead. We agree to this word and speak it forth to manifest in the natural all over the the world in Jesus Name, Amen 🙏.

  3. Amen. This is the Word of the LORD by HIS Spirit. I agree with what has been spoken forth by the servant of God. It’s very encouraging that even during this time where the enemy seemed to be in total control, the LORD was working out something with His servants, WHO made themselves available, and NOT in the public eye, but in secret, so that the enemy should not interfer with His perfect plans and purposes.

    We thank God for what He Has been doing behind the scenes with His choosen vessels.
    The prophetic WORD is Loud and clear, and I am ready to embrace and RUN with it.

    Brother Ricks Mooketsi

    1. Amen and amen. Thank you Lord for the word. I avail myself, ready to embrace and be a vessel os use unto the Lord. The old is gone and the new has come.
      All the glory unto the Most High and more blessing to His people as showers of the new dawn are about to breake forth! Halleluiah

    2. O what a great joy. Greetings Apostle Nadine, thank you vessel of The Most High God for allowing the Lord to speak this powerful Word to us. Before I even started reading, I was already ecstatic. It’s more like a button had been pressed on. I’m in agreement with the Word shared, this is a confirmation of what the Lord will be doing in the year 2022. O Glory to God for rising above the enemy and above the shaking that took place in these 2years. Though the enemy came in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord has raised the standard against him. O hallelujah to His servants that He kept in hiding for such a time as this, no stone shall be left unturned as the Gospel shall be preached in power. Indeed, It’s a new season, old things have passed away and behold…all things have become new. O Glory to God. Heavenly Father, we give thanks. We thank You Lord for this great manifestation. What You cannot do, does not exist. We give thanks for this new season, for this powerful Word manifest in Jesus name. Be Thou glorified O Lord. Amen

  4. Amen and Amen! The will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven. What a privilege to be part of the moves of God. Thank you Apostle Nadine. The Lord be glorified!

  5. Great Word. I’m so excited to see these things come to pass. Thanks for sharing God’s heart, Apostle Nadine!

  6. Glory to the Most High God.i read The Word previously but was led to go back today
    Thank You,Lord for the grace upon the Church and the Body of Christ for the great grace that’s coming and already here.i avail myself for the calling in Jesus’s Mighty Name, Amen .

    Thank you,Apostle…may God bless and give you more Grace in Jesus’s Name, 🙏

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