If you listen closely, you can hear the cry of so many of God’s people, and even of whole Churches, out there. You can see how the enemy has cornered them, and how they are uncertain of their future.

People that don’t know how they are going to survive the storm that the enemy has brought. Businesses, jobs, families and other relationships that are under severe attack through this world-wide crisis. It makes my heart bleed for those that are losing their hope, their faith and their strength to keep pressing on.

As one called to the fivefold, I am sure you are feeling the same heartbreak right now. You are on your knees asking the Lord for answers, wisdom and what it is that He wants you to do right now.

I get you, I truly do. But what I realize more than anything right now is this:

None of us can win this battle on our own!

Not as a lonely church or ministry out there. Not as a lonely Fivefold leader. Not as a lonely warrior. No matter how mighty we are individually in the Lord, we will only win this fight by,

  1. Pulling together our resources
  2. Combining our faith and authority
  3. Going forward as one force in the Lord

What is happening right now isn’t an attack on just one ministry or one leader. It wasn’t launched to destroy just a couple of Christians here and there, or to scatter them and push them into hiding. No, the enemy thinks he is getting complete overhand and control over the Bride of Christ.

Well, he should truly think about it again. Because, I say he messed with the wrong people!

While I firmly believe the Lord is using this attack to bring the Universal Church to a new level and era, I also keep in mind who the real enemy is here. And it’s time we stand united against that force, while keep helping the Body of Christ find it’s feet in this transition time.

Assembling all Apostles and Prophets – on Ministry AND Office Levels

I am calling on all the Apostles and Prophets out there. Hear the battle cry go out to you!

God’s Word makes it clear that the Church is built on the foundations of the Apostles and Prophets. This means, it’s time we take it up a notch at this time, and make sure we carry the responsibility of the Church more than ever on our shoulders.

How are we going to do that? By taking our places on the Prayer Wall; by loosing and binding what the Lord shows us, going into warfare against the infernal trio and Satan’s hordes; and by sending forth our decrees into the earth to establish and birth what God wants to do in the times we are in!

God’s Instruction and Order

God has instructed me, and has given me a clear vision, on calling those from the highest ranks, (Office level) as well as the ministry levels to step forward and take their place on the wall.

You may feel like Elijah, when he exclaimed “Oh Lord, I am the only one left. And now they want to take my life too.” Yeah, isolation can do that to you.

But the Lord reminded him that there were 7000 other Prophets that didn’t bow their knee to Corona Virus… ah, I mean to Baal.

Where are you, 7000 Prophets? It’s time to step out of your hiding place!

So this is my call to you, reaching out to the west, the north, the east and the south.

21 Days of Prophetic Prayer – Thousands of Prophets Joining Forces

Join me in prayer over the next 21 days (three weeks), for an hour a day, to push back the enemy and advance the Kingdom of God in this earth like never before. I already have assembled many of ‘our troops’ from our Prophetic School, and they already have been taking their stand over the last couple of days. They are taking their places on the wall from all over the world, and praying at different times during the 24hour window.

But God has given me a bigger vision. I want to see every hour filled up with hundreds of Prophets being on the wall; interceding and speaking forth on His behalf.

The Scriptures tell us that one person can fight a thousand, and two can fight ten-thousand. Imagine what damage we can do to the Kingdom of Darkness if we have thousands of thousands going forward in one unity, ready to war and fight the enemy?

Act – Send Me Your Times

I don’t think you need further convincing that YOU ARE NEEDED and IMPORTANT at this given time, right?! So what do you think – ready to send me your times of when you want to take your stand in the watch tower?

All I need from you is 1 hour per day, preferably the same time so I can slot you into the prayer wall schedule. If you are ready to join us, send me a response with your time and I will give you further instructions from there on forward.

Need Some Weapons? No Problem!

Perhaps you say ‘I definitely want to be part of this. But I don’t know what I am supposed to do on the Prayer Wall?”

No problem – I am going to put together a teaching and instruction manual in PDF format, for you to go through and learn from. If you feel the call to this, then God is moving on you and wants you to be equipped.

We are there to equip you and make sure you carry the right weapons, and will function to full efficiency and potential.

I know this post has gotten a little longer, but thank you for making it to the end. I pray that your heart is inspired by this, and that you caught the fire.

I look forward to your response and comment below, and wielding my sword and using my keys beside you, mighty warrior!

In His Power and Might,
Nadine Stohler

Nadine C. Stohler

Apostle and Trainer of the Fivefold
Principal of GBM Academy

Servant of Jesus


  1. God truly is faithful. Earlier this year the Lord spoke to me to place my prophetic ministry aside for a while and focus on seeking Him and spending time with Holy spirit and that he will instruct me when it’s time. And one night I opened my emails and your email is the first I opened and there it was the prayer wall. I was in awe. All I said was Lord is this it. I shook as the spirit came upon me. The Lord spoke and said, it’s time. Glory to God for His faithfulness. Three months in his presence with no distraction, I am willing Lord.

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