Making of a Prophet – Ebook


By: Nadine C. Stohler

286 full-sized pages

Rise up through the ranks to Prophetic Office! This ebook will show you how.

Every prophet has to undergo preparation and training for the call. It can take you many years to reach the Office that the Lord has called you to if you try to travel this road on your own.

This powerful and anointed ebook will cut through the guessing game and hand you a map, for you to travel by. You will learn what prophetic preparation looks like, how God trains His Prophets, and how to master the terrain through prophetic discipleship.



Called to Prophetic Office? Or Having the Desire to Train Prophets?

This Book Is a Must if You Answered With ‘Yes’​

It’s finally here and you can now get your hands on it! Nadine Stohler shows you in this book what preparation stages, and stages of training, God will take a Prophet through on the road to reaching Prophetic Office.

You will learn everything about becoming God’s spokesperson. Be careful, however, this ebook will MAKE you into the Prophet He has called you to be. The anointing contained in these pages will release you into prophetic training and get the process started that every Prophet in Office has had to go through first.

Consider it a mentor in book form that will show you the ropes of walking this walk, while discovering how God prepared you all along for the call on your life.

Are you ready to take on this next step? Are you willing to learn what it takes? Then wait no longer and begin your journey now.

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Subjects Covered in this Ebook

Subjects Covered in this Ebook:

Prophetic Preparation – How God Prepares His Prophets

  • Chapter 01 – The Dealings of God
  • Chapter 02 – Stages of Preparation

Prophetic Preparation – Turning Up the Heat

  • Chapter 03 – Dealing With Spirit, Soul and Body
  • Chapter 04 – The Rebuilding Stage

Prophetic Preparation – Say Hello to the Cross

  • Chapter 05 – Do Not Fight the Death
  • Chapter 06 – Getting Victory in Death

Templates and Triggers – What Are They?

  • Chapter 07 – A Computer in You
  • Chapter 08 – Habit Patterns and Programs
  • Chapter 09 – Role of Your Parents

Templates and Triggers – Dealing with the Past

  • Chapter 10 – Identifying Your Templates
  • Chapter 11 – Tools to Clear Your Drive
  • Chapter 12 – Bringing Healing to People

The Power and Face of Resurrection

  • Chapter 13 – Dying to Your Visions
  • Chapter 14 – Resurrecting Your Visions

Elijah – The Training of a Prophet Part

  • Chapter 15 – Introduction to Elijah
  • Chapter 16 – The First Part of Training

Elijah – The Training of a Prophet Part 2

  • Chapter 17 – Moving in Authority and Power
  • Chapter 18 – Feeling Defeated

Discipleship Part 1 – Mentoring

  • Chapter 19 – Introduction to Mentorship
  • Chapter 20 – Mentorship in More Detail

Discipleship Part 2 – Discipling

  • Chapter 21 – Introduction to Discipleship
  • Chapter 22 – Principles of Discipleship

Price of Discipleship – Elisha’s Training

  • Chapter 23 – Principles of Discipleship
  • Chapter 24 – How Elisha Was Trained

The Sons of the Prophets – The Mentored Prophet

  • Chapter 25 – How the Sons of the Prophets Worked
  • Chapter 26 – The Purpose of Prophetic Schools


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