Dealing with Sinful Habits and Difficulties


The victory belongs to you through Jesus. But to make this a daily experience, you have to learn to walk in. It’s not enough to just box it off as some head knowledge.

There are shackles that hold you down – bondage and difficulties from your past – that make your journey complex. They’re slowing you down. Instead of feeling victorious, you’re on a continuous battleground chasing after the life He’s promised.

Stop! It’s time to be transformed and gain the upper hand.


Let the Holy Spirit heal the wounds and set your feet free, to follow Him where He leads.

Learn in this 2-part teaching how to deal with those sinful habit patterns that so easily entangle you. Get rid of fear, guilt and shame – plus any other snare of Satan that tries to keep you back – and break free to live the life you are meant to have as a blood-bought child in Christ.

While the enemy seeks to destroy and keep you bound, the Lord’s plan for you is to walk in freedom. True freedom and victory over sin! Peace within your thoughts. Stillness in your heart. Deep assurance through any storm and battle.

Dive in and get equipped to overcome. But be ready, your flesh might just be a tad challenged throughout this message.

Included in this Teaching: 

  • 2 MP3/Audio Downloads amounting to a total of 1 hour 40 minutes




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