About Nadine C. Stohler

All about Nadine C. Stohler’s life, ministry, passions etc.

Get to know her more closely, and find out what burns in her, what her passions are and the walk she walked this far for the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has taken her out of darkness and by His Grace she has been transformed into the leader she is today. Let her personal story inspire you to reach for the greater things which the Lord has in store for you.

But by the Grace of God I am what I am… (1 Cor. 15:10)

This scripture sums up everything Nadine stands for and is about. It is in more ways than one that this statement speaks about her, and continues to speak to her.

Nobody would have thought over a decade ago, that her life would be changed in such a drastic way.

Her Salvation and First Ministry Developments

Raised in a non-christian family that never made mention of God or talked about Him, she experienced a powerful and dramatic rebirth as the effectual call hit her between the eyes. God’s Grace has been her anchor ever since and the driving force from the very beginning of her journey.

Her salvation experience is very much like Paul’s, as he went on his way on the road to Damascus. And like Paul her life, and everything in it, went through a total transformation. It was turned around 180 degrees, the moment the Lord revealed Himself to her.

As the fire was lit the Lord used her instantly to touch the lives of those around her. With a strong evangelistic thrust she started her adventures and journey of becoming a leader in His Kingdom. There was no time wasted, as the Lord began to prepare and train her in the evangelistic and prophetic ministry. She didn’t even know what that truly meant or was all about, at that time.

She just did what the Lord showed her. Her passion, hunger for the Lord and desire to be used by Him led to encounters in His Presence, with His Glory and Anointing.

Signs of Her Call

Not long after being baptized in the Spirit she began to experience God talking to her and through her. Without the knowledge of her call, back there, (or knowing that there was such a thing as flowing prophetically) she begun to function in prophetic ministry just a couple of months into her salvation.

Nobody taught her, and often she felt alone and as if nobody understood what was happening to her in her walk. When she tried to explain to people and look for help, they all couldn’t understand how this was happening to a new believer and inexperienced Christian such as her.

The church she was attending definitely didn’t support young up-starts in the faith to go this way. We are talking about a 22 year old that wanted to show the world that her new found love and Savior was real and wants a personal relationship with us.

Having not been able to fit in all of her life, and often considered as the black sheep of the family, she was hoping to fit in at her new found life and Church. But it became clear at a very early stage already that this would continue to be a lonely walk. And she was willing to pay the price in return for what the Lord did for her.

Nadine’s desire was to take it out there outside the Church, but her Youth Pastor wasn’t quite fond of that idea. He offered her a position as a youth leader, as the spark that was ignited in her jumped from her to others in the youth group as well.

To her it was clear that at that stage she was not meant to serve those that already knew Jesus. Unfortunately that Church didn’t do any evangelistic outreaches whatsoever. So she joined a group that was ministering on the street of Zurich (Switzerland) every Friday evening, instead of continuing with the youth group meetings.

Seeing God Move

It was there that she experienced the power of God firsthand and people began to receive hope, restoration and know the unconditional love of Jesus.

A couple of months into it the Lord led her to connect with people that started a new Ministry/Church that was different from the churches she was attending up until then.

It was built on a different pattern. Something that excited her was that it was not built on one leader or one person only being able to hear from God. No, contrary to what she had seen before the concept was that everyone in the Body of Christ has a part to play, a piece to add and something to contribute.

Her leader, Claude Widmer was at that stage a spiritual son of Apostle Les D. Crause. Under Les’s covering and Claude’s leadership the first and only GMRN Church was established in Switzerland.

The Call to Full-time Ministry

She soon became an elder at that Church and it didn’t take long before she found herself in the heat and throes of prophetic training.

Again, God didn’t waste much time and soon after being invited she quit her job and joined Les and his team for a time of training in Mexico.

Having to let go of her belongings (apartment, car and everything else you build up over a couple of years of living by yourself), was only one of the prices she had to pay for the sake of her call. Before that was required of her, she already had to let go of her biological family, as her parents did not understand or agree with her commitment and radical approach to following Jesus.

But again, she didn’t know back there yet that she was called to higher things, and simply connected all of this as normal for someone who wanted to follow the Lord. In her eyes, it’s what any believer would do when God tells them to pick up their cross and follow Him. (And she still believes that!)

Having arrived in Mexico with only two suitcases, she left once again another family behind. This time it was harder as this was the church family that she had to say her goodbyes to.

It was meant to be a time of intense training for six months. However, it turned out to be a case of letting go forever as there came a parting of ways in the path.

She didn’t know what to expect, but knew the Lord would hold His Promise of giving back a hundredfold and replacing the family relationships she had to let go of.

He stood true to His Word and she was not only trained for the work ahead by Apostle Les but entered into a closer relationship with him as he took on the role of a Spiritual Father. He later on became her Apostolic Father, which He is to this day.

The ministry went through different stages, and different names. Nadine worked under and with different leaders of the ministry. But eventually, she left Apostolic Movement International to join Les Crause on the business side. The Lord made it clear that she was to walk that road as well and to follow in the footsteps of her Apostolic Father as he founded Global Business Ministries International (GBMI).

Once again, what she thought was her final end goal turned out to be just the beginning of it all. She went through many different trainings and never stood still. With the same hunger for more of the Lord she continued (and continues) to press on. The hunger for a double portion and becoming all that the Lord has for her, never ceased.

Having risen up through all of the Fivefold and eventually reaching Apostolic Office, she knew that even this was not the end of it all but the beginning of truly walking out the call that God had placed on her life.

The time came when the Lord led them to leave Mexico behind and opened the way for a new adventure. It was to move to South Africa and Nadine joined the ministry team on that journey.

Again letting go of all the belongings that she had built up over her seven years in Mexico, she arrived with two suitcases and her dog in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A new culture and environment was to be discovered. It broadened the horizon and the involvement in the ministry. And many of the things she learned in her time of wilderness and being hidden away from the public, began to be put into full practice as she placed her foot on South African soil.

From preaching in a true African Church to falling in love with the country and especially its people, it all resulted in new opportunities and relationships in her life.

Being a Trainer and Teacher

With a strong emphasis on training and equipping God’s leaders, especially in the Prophetic, she currently takes the lead as the Principal of the GBM Academy in the live Prophetic School, where she teaches and trains those that God brings to them.

She also works with individuals from all over the world, and many from other African countries, through the online distance learning program.

Her desire to see everyone find their place and rise up into their full potential is what drives her forward. Many have risen up through her input and by pouring out what she has received over the years.

She has a strong vision for training up the next Generation of God’s leaders. Passionate about seeing the younger generation truly taking their place as Joshua’s she is currently functioning as a Moses Apostle and busy preparing things behind the scenes for this move of God.

She still burns for the End times Church to be built as she has seen part of that pattern proved back there in Switzerland. The seed had been planted in her heart back there and a new foundation in her had been laid. She knows God is bringing the Body of Christ to that place where it will be set as a city on the hill, for all men to see and run to.

It burns in her that every believer not only gets to know the Lord but also enters into a deep intimate face to face relationship with Him. From where they can hear His voice and flow in all the gifts that are available to all believers.

She is also passionate about believers truly walking in victory and blessing in every aspect of their lives, in their ministries, business and social lives. Having had to endure many hardships and a difficult, lonely walk her heart is filled with compassion but also wisdom to help others along the path.

Again, it is by grace and grace alone that she stands where she does and does what she does. She cannot and will not boast in her own strength, but relies fully on the Lord and His anointing in fulfilling the tasks He hands out to her.

Her Covering and Her Future

The price of her call has been high, and as part of that price to pay it cost her a marriage that ended up in divorce. This happened at the beginning stages of her being born again, and clearly not something that she had ever expected to take place in her life. It was a difficult time and season for her to go through, but again it put compassion and understanding in her and an ever greater fire to press on and not let go of the call that was on her life.

As she remained single and reached beyond mid-thirties she knew that natural children and having her own family with kids won’t be on God’s agenda for her either. It was a hard pill to swallow, but it didn’t take her off her path and away from her commitment to the call and to following Christ to the end.

The Lord promised her at that stage that she will have many children that she will be a Spiritual Mother to, and she sees this promise already begin to take shape.

In all of this, she does not stand on her own. But is she is under the covering and the submission of her Apostolic Father, Les D. Crause. This keeps her balanced and also from the dangers of getting into deception from the enemy.

While currently being situated and part of the GBMI team in South Africa, the Lord has been revealing recently that there are new adventures ahead of Nadine. She is seeing the doors being opened to establish further works of GBMI in Europe in the near future and she is looking forward to where the Lord will take her altogether in the next year that lies ahead.

One thing is clear to her, there is so much more to be accomplished and reached out for, on a personal as well as on a broader spectrum of ministry and calling.